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08 April 2019
The Official Assignee is administering the following liquidations: BEST KOREAN BUILDERS LIMITED | 15 March 2019 DANISH HORTICULTURE LIMITED | 15 March 2019 E&M THOMAS SHEARING LIMITED | 18 March 2019 HARIKA LIMITED | 25 March 2019 MACHINERY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED | 22 March 2019 SENSE DESIGN & MANUFACTURING LIMITED | 15 March 2019 TANA THAI (2015) LIMITED | 15 March 2019 Creditors please note: If you claim a security interest over any assets of the above, or have any information that would assist, please contact us. To register a claim or to obtain more information on Bankruptcies, No Asset Procedures, or Liquidations please visit our website at www.insolvency.govt.nz. OFFICIAL ASSIGNEE. Phone: 0508 467 658.Private Bag 4714, Christchurch 8140.

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The Official Assignee
The Official Assignee

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